Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Sudoku Grab in action.

These videos are all of version 1.0 but they still show the cool camera grab facility.

I thought the theme tune from Think Of A Number was appropriate...

Just having a quick look on YouTube and there's another video from someone else!

Does anyone read Japanese?

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  1. My chum Richard Gaywood has Tweeted your app (http://twitter.com/PenLlawen/statuses/1253118576) to great effect; he is all over the internet like white on rice (in his own words).

    Some sales already, but also some comments on the video: somebody said it look like it was only a cheat tool for sudoku, rather than being a fully featured sudoku manager. Perhaps you should have a couple of seconds of solving by hand, followed by a hint, followed by a full solve?

    On the positive side: the multiple-numbers-per-cell idea is very well liked. Makes it a real player in the sudoku management space.

  2. I'll put a new video up to show a bit more. I'll have to reconstruct my video stand - it's a bit of blue peter job made from sticky tape and carboard!