Sunday, 19 July 2009

Sales stats update - 5 or 6 months on the app store

I've been a bit slack updating the sales stats recently. It's now about 5 or 6 months on the app store. The reason for the lack of stats is that there's not really been very much exciting to report!

We left things with the app being featured on the US app store - you can read all about that here.

As predicted though, that did all come to an end and the app slowly slipped down the charts. Despite that it still turns over between 10 and 30 copies a day. As I posted in a earlier blog, downloads crossed the 25,000 mark a few weeks ago.

Anyway, here's the current daily sales chart:

There's a bit of a spike at the end - The app got mentioned on a Dutch website - but the sales there have quickly died back down again.

To date, total paid downloads stands at 25591
Free downloads 8436 (to celebrate 25000 the app was set to free for a couple of weeks)

I guess free is pretty popular!

All in all though I'm quite happy - I've got a lot of satisfied customers, well I hope so anyway.

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  1. I was wondering, this is a very nosy and perhaps rude question to ask. So if I offended you or you dont feel like answering this, I totally understand.

    Am I right by saying that in the (5?) months the game was for sale you sold 25591, meaning you made 20K or so without the Apple fee deducted (do they charge like 30%?). Meaning you made a sum of about 14K in 5 months of this game?

    I do understand this is kind of a retoric question because the facts you stated already say so, but I am just wondering if you make a living out of this and dont do this as something on the side, and if it is feasible for you and such?

    And I am ofcourse asking this because I have been looking into getting some IPhone work done myself.

    Well, anyways, awesome to see you and you creation doing so well, congrats are in its place, this is always something to be very proud of and I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors!

  2. Thanks Danny,

    Sudoku Grab was very lucky in being featured by Apple - it made almost all of it's sales in that period.

    I have a full time job so the iPhone stuff is very much on the side. It's extremely hard to make money on the app store. The new game I released Aliens Invade sells maybe 1 copy a day if I am lucky.

    Sudoku Grab sells between 10-20 copies a day. Sometimes a lot less.

    With over 65000+ apps on the store getting noticed is almost impossible nowadays, and if people don't actually see your app they are never going to buy it.

    Good luck with your iPhone adventures.


  3. It's like anything for sale. You need to market it. If you want to make money from future apps, then give a lite version of one away that markets the other. Just a thought. :)