Monday, 16 February 2009

Getting Started

Version 1.3 is now released. Please update the applications (updates are free). Then jump to here for the latest info.

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  1. I like your implementation of capturing puzzles from a printed source. By reading through your blog, I had one suggestion. It would be nice if there was a way to label your captured puzzles. For example, from the source you captured it, the date captured, and the rating given to the puzzle by the source. This way when you are browsing your grabbed puzzles at a later date, you'll be much more informed.
    Also, I assume there is a way to delete grabbed puzzles?

    xyzpdq at gmail dot com

  2. Thanks Phil - I've added that to the roadmap. Yes you can delete puzzles. I think I'll also add an option to automatically delete captured puzzles once you have finished them.

  3. Fantastic work Chris! I will download and try it immediately.

  4. Chris, you've finally made me want to buy a iPhone.

  5. I hate iphones and now I want one. Damm you!

  6. great Upgrade!
    With the first version I've "solve" sudoku instead chosing the pen-

    now it's perfect.

    Please next features > undo move.

    Thanks again

  7. Version 1.3 will have an Undo and Redo feature. It's been a popular request!