Friday, 8 May 2009

1.5 Submitted to the App Store

I submitted version 1.5 at the start of this week so it should be available some time next week.

What's new:

  • Help link on the front page.
  • Tracked down the weird bug where you sometimes couldn't navigate back from the settings page
  • You can now customise the colours of the numbers
  • You can switch the timer off
  • Built in puzzles now have history (up to a maximum of 20 per difficulty level)
  • Numbers on the recognition screen are now much bigger
  • Usability improvement for color blind users (added a ? to problem numbers).
  • Smart numbers - numbers will disable once they are completely filled in.
  • Alert when you start up if you are already playing a puzzle
  • Deletion of tags is now much easier - just swipe left on the puzzle book screen on the tag you want to delete
  • Option to delete tags that are unused when you delete a puzzle
  • Timer now handles sleep properly

And some general bug fixes.

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