Friday, 11 September 2009

Version 1.7 is live!

Version 1.7 went live last night.

In the new version we've got:

  • Internationalisation - you can now run Sudoku Grab in German

  • Automatic grader - works out how hard a puzzle is based on how a person would solve it

I've also added a link to other application I've written - currently there's just Space Invaders, but hopefully the catalog will grow...

Someone called Mike asked in the comments if it would go back and grade already captured puzzles - unfortunately not at the moment, but that is quite a good idea.

I'll be interested to see how well the grader works in the real world - at the moment it is pretty simplistic. Automatic Sudoku grading seems to be a bit of an art form. So if you get any puzzles that you think are graded completely incorrectly use the email to a friend feature to send them to and I'll take a look.

Also, there's a great web site here: Sudoku Solver by Andre Stuart that has a huge amount of resources on this solving Sudoku puzzles. I used a lot of the explanations on the solving strategies to help build the grader.

If you are having problems with the latest version then please try the following steps:
  • Power off and restart your phone - this should resolve issues with taking photographs of puzzles

  • Uninstall Sudoku Grab completely and download it again - this should resolve any issues with the upgrade process not working as it should

A few people (well, quite a few) have pointed out the slightly embarrassing spelling mistake on the main menu - that's fixed along with a few minor bugs in the next update that is currently going through the Apple review process... So it will be a couple of weeks at least.

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