Saturday, 7 March 2009

Version 1.2 submitted to app store!

It was supposed to be version 1.1 but there's been a bit of screw up on the version number front - so we're going straight to version 1.2

In this exciting new version you'll find the following features:

  • Email a friend - you can now send puzzles to your friends using email!
  • Label captured puzzles - you can now tag puzzles with difficulty and any random text you want.
  • Solve button moved behind a menu - everyone's complained about hitting the solve button by accident. This version fixes that.
  • Automatic pencil fill-in - want to get going on a puzzle quickly? Fill in all the pencil notes automatically.
  • Toggle numbers - ready to really go for it? Hold down a number for more than a second and it toggles on, you can now fill in all the squares for that number just by touching them.

There's been lots of emails with suggestions for more improvements. Keep them coming! It's great to know that people are actually using the software. I'll update the roadmap to include them all tomorrow.

I'm off to the sofa now with some lemsip.

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